Catalogue of Y-DNA Mizrahi branches


This page is a collection of Jewish Y-DNA branches. All branches are checked that they have Jewish male ancestry. The list has both Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Mizrahi branches. This is registered on the basis of Jewish culture. The Y-DNA branches are sometimes mixed in different cultures, so a Y-DNA male line is not always a clear indication of its history. The present data indicates that the branch characteristics of the Ashkenazi branches are different from the Sephardic and Mizrahi branches. At the same time we see that lines migrated to the Ashkenazi countries over a long period.

The Y-DNA branches

The STR-modals of the Jewish groups are reported in Jewish modals page and can be used by copy-and-paste in the McGee tool. You can use the SNP overview to find the majority of the SNP-lines.

The branches below are named after their common main haplogroup (e.g. J1), the name of a SNP marker to indicate where approximately the group may originate near 3000-5000 ybp (e.g. YSC76) and a significant marker to indicate the Jewish group that shares a Jewish ancestor (e.g. L823). In the group overview a suggestion is given for the location the ancestor of a branch became Jewish.

Branch # Y-DNA SNP# of
CE of ancestor
CE range
GroupAS M G I R C
AB-110 E1b-M78-579041 E1b-oldM
AB-135 J1-Z18297-ZS37361below J1-Z18297M
AB-139 R1b-Z2103?-1810791 R1b-Z2103M
AB-142 J1-FGC11-S1 J1-otherM
AB-151 J1-Z18297?-N1 J1-Z18297M
AB-198 T-2562771 TM
AB-199 J1-2562731 J1-otherM
AB-200 J1-YSC76?-2562801 J1-YSC76M
AB-201 G-L140?-1592341 GM
AB-210 J2b-1834741 J2bM
AB-215 R2a--F1092?-FGC132191see AB-085 R2aSM
AB-226 J1-FGC11-FGC37081 J1-otherM
AB-252 J1-ZS227-4829712346-1556AB-022? J1-ZS227M
AB-265 R2a-F1092-M1AB-085? R2aM
AB-316 E1b-M84?-M1 E1b-M84M
AB-333 J1-ZS227?-M1 J1-ZS227M
AB-370 J1-M1 J1-otherM
AB-394 J1-L1 J1-otherM
AB-411 J2b-S1 J2bM
AB-413 H-P961 HM
AB-421 J2a-L10641 J2aM
AB-443 E1b-M84?-G1 E1b-M84M
AB-451 R1a-Z93?-N1 R1a-Z93M
AB-453 J2-M319-D1AB-379? J2aM
AB-470 J2a-H1 J2aM
AB-487 E1b-V12?-J1 E1b-V12M
AB-488 E1b-V12?-P1 E1b-V12M
AB-489 E1b-V12?-L1 E1b-V12M
AB-493 G-U1?-G1 GM
AB-495 G-U1?-D1 GM
AB-496 G-P303?-H1 GM
AB-500 R2a-K1 R2aM
AB-501 J1-S1 J1-otherM
AB-506 J2a-L70?-B1 J2aM
AB-514 R1b-Z2103?-M1 R1b-Z2103M
AB-515 R1b-Z2103?-Y1 R1b-Z2103M

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