Jewish group of branches: T


The Jewish branches can be grouped according to their Y-DNA characteristics. These characteristics are often related to a period between 10000ybp-4000ybp. Some branches had a founding father effect in that period outside the Middle East which gives information on the location of their ancestor at the time of the founding father. For other branches it is more likely that the ancestors were in the Middle East, where, in most cases, no founding father effect took place and population growth was continuous. An overview of the Jewish groups of branches is present.


The T-haplogroups have only small percentages of ancestors outside the Middle East. It is probably that out of these 9 branches, two times two branches had a shared ancestor at the start of Judaism. It is likely that the ancestors became Jewish in the Middle East. This gives in total 13 branches from T. Two of the 13 T-branches probably have a shared ancestor after the start of Judaism. If we look at the 12 T-branches after start of Judaism, we find 4 branches with a close relative (determined by STR distance less than 1200ybp in mymcgee tool). The closest persons are from Spain (4 persons to T-L208-Y3782), Spain+El Salvador ( T-L208-Z709), Puerto Rico ( T-L446), and Spain ( T-P77-1st-a and T-P77-1st-b).

It is likely that these groups were not among the early arriving groups in the Ashkenazi Countries. It is more likely that they were partly in Iberia and partly in the Middle East before some went to the Ashkenazi Countries.

It is also interesting that hardly no non-jewish people with haplogroup T are living in the eastern part of the Ashkenazi countries. While about 50 persons with haplogroup T have an origin in Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, only one person is not related to the known Jewish branches (96408). This percentage is much larger in Germany and the western european countries.

Branches in this group

Branch # Y-DNA SNP# of
CE of ancestor
CE range
GroupAS M G I R J B C
AB-016 T-Y16897-BY1152016367-903450-1350 TA
AB-017 T-CTS88624-198-977below TA
AB-018 T-P77-PF4074-a8315-1052900-1675 TA
AB-020 T-P77-Y31474-Z4176071288-1706100-1250 TA
AB-021 T-L208-Z7093679-1577100-1200 TASI
AB-092 T-L208-Y3782150-1150 TASI
AB-093 T-P3172-571-1131650-1850 TA
AB-161 T-P77-Y31474-BY399671below TA
AB-162 T-L208-PF74432512-1630below TSR
AB-181 T-Y16247-E1below TSI
AB-182 T-2215101 TS
AB-183 T-1574471 TA
AB-184 T-1854941 TS
AB-198 T-Y1399821below TM
AB-220 T-Y4984-Y610991below TS
AB-222 T-5299101 TS
AB-263 T-P1 TS
AB-313 T-B1 TS
AB-365 T-Fu1 TS
AB-414 T-L208?-P1AB-021? TS
AB-444 T-O1 TS
AB-471 T-H1 TS
AB-474 T-P77?-M1 TS
AB-481 T-P77-K1 TC
AB-482 T-L208-Y225591below TA
AB-543 T-P77?-M1 TM
AB-556 T-P77-BY880221800-1675 TS
AB-566 T-P77?-M1 TR
AB-603 T-L1 TS
AB-604 T-C1 TM
AB-605 T-P77?-H1AB-543? TM
AB-614 T-H1 TM
AB-619 T-A1below TS
AB-638 T-P1 TS
AB-660 T-T1 TS
AB-664 T-B1 TM
AB-665 T-A1 TS
AB-666 T-M1 TM
AB-680 T-P77-FGC489301below TS
AB-690 T-M1 TS
AB-721 T-Z1 TS
AB-722 T-L1 TS
AB-757 T-A1 TS
AB-773 T-Y133841below TM
AB-782 T-B1 T
AB-822 T-P77?-J1 TM
AB-867 T-Y61314?-S1AB-018? T

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