Jewish group of branches: R1b-Z2103


The Jewish branches can be grouped according to their Y-DNA characteristics. These characteristics are often related to a period between 10000ybp-4000ybp. Some branches had a founding father effect in that period outside the Middle East which gives information on the location of their ancestor at the time of the founding father. For other branches it is more likely that the ancestors were in the Middle East, where, in most cases, no founding father effect took place and population growth was continuous. An overview of the Jewish groups of branches is present.


The Z2103 is a large haplogroup that originated about 6000 ybp in the North of the Middle East. See e.g. page on Eupedia It is no surprise that many Jewish branches originated in this area.

Most of the branches have a shared ancestor before the start of Judaism. In this group are both Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahi branches.

Branches in this group

Branch # Y-DNA SNP# of
CE of ancestor
CE range
GroupAS M G I R J B C
AB-070 R1b-Z2103-FGC1459571172-1640500-1350 R1b-Z2103ASI
AB-072 R1b-Z2103-Y1984715804-1252-300-900 R1b-Z2103AS
AB-073 R1b-Z2103-L94413646-1163400-1500 R1b-Z2103AS
AB-080 R1b-Z2103-Z21083767-1617150-1350 R1b-Z2103ASI
AB-139 R1b-Z2103-FTA793542821-1750 R1b-Z2103M
AB-146 R1b-Z2103-L1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-149 R1b-Z2103-M121431below R1b-Z2103ASI
AB-236 R1b-Z2103-Y845511below R1b-Z2103AS
AB-303 R1b-Z2103-FT2098331below R1b-Z2103A
AB-363 R1b-Z2103?-Ma1 R1b-Z2103C
AB-404 R1b-Z2103-FT1837581 R1b-Z2103C
AB-415 R1b-Z2103?-M1 R1b-Z2103C
AB-452 R1b-Z2103?-Y1 R1b-Z2103C
AB-462 R1b-Z2103-B71 R1b-Z2103S
AB-514 R1b-Z2103-Y1682451400-1500 R1b-Z2103B
AB-515 R1b-Z2103-FT2463411below R1b-Z2103B
AB-535 R1b-Z2103?-P1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-599 R1b-Z2103-M12149-C1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-611 R1b-Z2103?-M1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-698 R1b-Z2103?-B1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-713 R1b-Z2103-PH49021below R1b-Z2103S
AB-720 R1b-Z2103-FTA703561below R1b-Z2103S
AB-754 R1b-Z2103?-P1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-772 R1b-Z2103-Y217071below R1b-Z2103S
AB-779 R1b-Z2103-L9441 R1b-Z2103
AB-828 R1b-Z2103-FT209833?1below R1b-Z2103M
AB-833 R1b-Z2103-FTA597771 R1b-Z2103M
AB-836 R1b-Z2103?-FT18731questionmark-N1 R1b-Z2103M
AB-838 R1b-Z2103?-Y1 R1b-Z2103
AB-844 R1b-Z2103?-A1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-856 R1b-Z2103?-K1 R1b-Z2103K
AB-857 R1b-Z2103?-K21 R1b-Z2103K

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