Jewish group of branches: G


The Jewish branches can be grouped according to their Y-DNA characteristics. These characteristics are often related to a period between 10000ybp-4000ybp. Some branches had a founding father effect in that period outside the Middle East which gives information on the location of their ancestor at the time of the founding father. For other branches it is more likely that the ancestors were in the Middle East, where, in most cases, no founding father effect took place and population growth was continuous. An overview of the Jewish groups of branches is present.


One of the questions is: what was the origin of the Jewish G-branches?

Characteristics: the percentage of the G-branches is large in comparison with most countries. Because of the number of branches, it is unlikely that this is a small statistical artifact. This means we should look for an area that has the following characteristics:

The only areas that follow these (or close to these) characteristics are: Caucasus region. Some areas of Turkey or Iran have weak characteristics of the two requirements as given above. The G1 groups are indicated by G-M342. The other groups are G2a.

The list of time is G-M377, G-M342, G-P15-PF3147, G-P15-Z6552, G-P15-L30-P303-L140-L497 and G-P15-L30-P303-L140-U1

Branches in this group

Branch # Y-DNA SNP# of
CE of ancestor
CE range
GroupAS M G K I R Y J B C
AB-053G-M342-GG3622817-1751below GAS
AB-054G-M342-Z1860619998-1355350-1450 GA
AB-055G-M342-L201101106-15361250-1850 GA
AB-056G-M377170899-1058500-1250 GA
AB-057G-L30-BY834068822-1394below GA
AB-058G-L140-CTS5990-FGC24930576-947550-1250 GAS
AB-059G-L140-CTS5990-Z4308561263-1714-500-800 GASI
AB-060G-Z6552-Z667341074-1695below GA
AB-061G-U1-L12643974-17121300-1875 GA
AB-062G-L140-Z30527?31281-1830 GA
AB-100G-PF3146-FGC67132821-1750-200-1525 GA
AB-120G-PF3146-FGC22634295-1272 GS
AB-121G-Z6552-FTE646531below GS
AB-122G-U1-Z2942441286-1789below GSI
AB-123G-U1-Z307181750-1650 GSM
AB-124G-P303-M27881228-1651-600-850 GS
AB-127G-Z6552-Z177752821-1750600-1575 GS
AB-134G-PF3146-FGC23151below GS
AB-143G-L140-CTS5990-BY609823767-1617 GS
AB-202G-L140-PF33461 GS
AB-231G-U1-Z67591 GS
AB-232G-L497-FT2400481below GS
AB-233G-L30-FTB225611 GS
AB-251G-L497-FGC6002031108-1926below GS
AB-288G-PF3146?-C1 GS
AB-289G-PF3146-BY676191below GS
AB-309G-Z6552-CTS1048-G1 GS
AB-318G-M342-FTF85371 GS
AB-322G-L30-FTD256071 GSY
AB-340G-L140-CTS5990-FGC74771below GS
AB-341G-L140-CTS5990-FTF227821 GS
AB-361G-L30-FT188271below GS
AB-375G-U1-BY1098061below GA
AB-380G-L30-FTA356131below GS
AB-387G-U1?-G1 GR
AB-388G-U1?-D1 GC
AB-395G-L30-Z455801-100-1150 GS
AB-396G-L30-BY621721below GC
AB-412G-U1-Z398061below GS
AB-438G-L30-PF33691 GC
AB-464G-PF3146-BY1106001 GS
AB-493G-U1-Z6414-BY476691 GM
AB-494G-L140-FTB284161below GS
AB-495G-L497-FT219481review GM
AB-496G-L140-BY664481 GM
AB-497G-U1-L1266-FTC878471 GS
AB-523G-PF3146-BY1106001 GS
AB-565G-L140-FT1593101 GS
AB-687G-L140-PF33451 GS
AB-695G-U1-Z64141below GC
AB-712G-L30-FTB62856-T1 GS
AB-716G-U1-L1266-B1 GS
AB-724G-PF3146-Y2404661 GS
AB-733G-L140-FTC883331below GJ
AB-736G-L30-FT567361below GY
AB-739G-L140-CTS5990-Z32921below GS
AB-762G-L140-Y2943411200-1850 GS
AB-774G-L30-M33361 GS
AB-783G-L140-S106541 GK
AB-792G-P303-SK11631below GJ
AB-793G-PF3146-FTA575551below GJ
AB-823G-PF3146-S198521below GM
AB-840G-M342-F41741 GM
AB-852G-U1-Z20181AB-123? G
AB-853G-K1 GK
AB-860G-L30-FT2090291below GC
AB-878G-PF3146-H1 GB

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