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At the moment the website is in progress. However, several analysis are already available. In the summer of 2013 i realized that i might descend in my Y-DNA line from a Jewish line that probably left Judea in the Jewish Diaspora. Since then i read articles on the subject of the Jewish Diaspora. I was surprised that discussions on the Diaspora have been there so long, and many fundamental questions have not yet been answered. I decided to do some systematic analysis on the available Y-DNA public data; i was able to draw some conclusions that had not been made before.

I partly reused public data that was published before the European GDPR (law) in 2018. In case you see that i report private information on you, and you prefer that it is not present, let me know, and i will remove it.

Let me know if you dispute my conclusions, or you miss some useful information.

Wim Penninx


Several people gave me feedback on this website, which helped to improve it. With the risk of missing important ones, I thank Roberto Raciti, Judy Simon, Adam Brown, Michael Waas, Ray Bank, Leon Kull, Vladimir Gurianov, Vladimir Tagankin, Chris Rottensteiner, Jeffre D. Wexler, Ted Kendall, Janet Akaha, Igor Schein.