Jewish group of branches: R1b


The Jewish branches can be grouped according to their Y-DNA characteristics. These characteristics are often related to a period between 10000ybp-4000ybp. Some branches had a founding father effect in that period outside the Middle East which gives information on the location of their ancestor at the time of the founding father. For other branches it is more likely that the ancestors were in the Middle East, where, in most cases, no founding father effect took place and population growth was continuous. An overview of the Jewish groups of branches is present.


Branches in this group

Branch # Y-DNA SNP# of
CE of ancestor
CE range
GroupAS M G I R J B C
AB-069 R1b-V88-FGC2100422811-1187100-1050 R1b-oldASI
AB-070 R1b-Z2103-FGC1459571172-1640500-1350 R1b-Z2103ASI
AB-071 R1b-M269-PF755837725-1038400-1100 R1b-oldA
AB-072 R1b-Z2103-Y1984715804-1252-300-900 R1b-Z2103AS
AB-073 R1b-Z2103-L94413646-1163400-1500 R1b-Z2103AS
AB-074 R1b-U152-BY18760021272-765below R1b-EuropeA
AB-075 R1b-U152-L4-a41074-1695-200-1100 R1b-EuropeA
AB-077 R1b-DF27-FGC207619766-1330500-1150 R1b-DF27ASI
AB-078 R1b-L21-Z18106111043-1478850-1725 R1b-EuropeA
AB-079 R1b-U152-L408221286-1551below R1b-EuropeA
AB-080 R1b-Z2103-Z21083767-1617150-1350 R1b-Z2103ASI
AB-081 R1b-U152-Y865214371-1317750-1650 R1b-EuropeAS
AB-082 R1b-DF27-Z196563887-1673950-1775 R1b-DF27A
AB-084 R1b-U106-Ivanhoe66415-70050-1000 R1b-EuropeASI
AB-094 R1b-V1636-PF435461069-1608950-1725 R1b-oldA
AB-101 R1b-DF27-A537631281-1830below R1b-DF27A
AB-102 R1b-U152-480631review R1b-EuropeA
AB-103 R1b-V88-B1 R1b-oldAS
AB-106 R1b-L11?-2131281review R1b-EuropeA
AB-139 R1b-Z2103-FTA793542821-1750 R1b-Z2103M
AB-145 R1b-L11?-1923701review R1b-EuropeA
AB-146 R1b-Z2103-L1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-147 R1b-DF27-BY1614811000-1700 R1b-DF27A
AB-148 R1b-DF27-BY332421below R1b-DF27S
AB-149 R1b-Z2103-M121431below R1b-Z2103ASI
AB-152 R1b-P312-292952181-1480 R1b-EuropeR
AB-176 R1b-DF27-FT1434451below R1b-DF27S
AB-177 R1b-DF27-Y313371750-1650 R1b-DF27S
AB-178 R1b-U152-A79821below R1b-EuropeA
AB-179 R1b-DF27-Y169651below R1b-DF27S
AB-230 R1b-U152-P1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-236 R1b-Z2103-Y845511below R1b-Z2103AS
AB-242 R1b-L21-FTC874741below R1b-DF27S
AB-260 R1b-DF27-BY718461 R1b-DF27S
AB-261 R1b-DF27-BY619541 R1b-DF27S
AB-262 R1b-U152-BY388271below R1b-EuropeS
AB-267 R1b-DF27-FT2409561300-1300 R1b-DF27S
AB-269 R1b-M269-M1 R1b-oldA
AB-270 R1b-M269-PF756321108-1926below R1b-oldA
AB-272 R1b-DF27?-T1 R1b-DF27S
AB-273 R1b-DF27-SK14511below R1b-DF27S
AB-303 R1b-Z2103-FT2098331below R1b-Z2103A
AB-304 R1b-U152-CTS278-BY336461below R1b-EuropeS
AB-306 R1b-L21-Z169431below R1b-EuropeS
AB-311 R1b-P312?-M1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-315 R1b-L21-BY136931below R1b-EuropeS
AB-332 R1b-L21-Y1252461below R1b-DF27S
AB-356 R1b-DF27-ZZ12_11below R1b-DF27S
AB-363 R1b-Z2103?-Ma1 R1b-Z2103C
AB-367 R1b-DF27-Z198-Co1 R1b-DF27S
AB-371 R1b-V1636-BY2024511 R1b-oldS
AB-372 R1b-Al1 R1b-oldS
AB-381 R1b-P312?-R1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-391 R1b-DF27?-C1 R1b-DF27S
AB-393 R1b-P312?-M1 R1b-EuropeR
AB-404 R1b-Z2103-FT1837581 R1b-Z2103C
AB-415 R1b-Z2103?-M1 R1b-Z2103C
AB-423 R1b-DF27?-S1 R1b-DF27S
AB-425 R1b-P312?-G1 R1b-EuropeA
AB-446 R1b-R1 R1b-oldS
AB-447 R1b-PH155?1 R1b-oldS
AB-452 R1b-Z2103?-Y1 R1b-Z2103C
AB-462 R1b-Z2103-B71 R1b-Z2103S
AB-473 R1b-P312?-DS1 R1b-Europe
AB-508 R1b-U152?-S1 R1b-Europe
AB-509 R1b-DF27-FT628091below R1b-DF27S
AB-510 R1b-P312?-K1AB-152? R1b-EuropeA
AB-512 R1b-DF27-BY1060011 R1b-DF27S
AB-513 R1b-U152?-N1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-514 R1b-Z2103-Y1682451400-1500 R1b-Z2103B
AB-515 R1b-Z2103-FT2463411below R1b-Z2103B
AB-533 R1b-DF27-Y239681below R1b-DF27S
AB-534 R1b-P312?-A1 R1b-EuropeM
AB-535 R1b-Z2103?-P1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-536 R1b-V1636-BY1848441 R1b-oldS
AB-557 R1b-U106-FT264291 R1b-EuropeA
AB-558 R1b-U152-PF66521below R1b-EuropeR
AB-583 R1b-PF7563-FT614941 R1b-oldR
AB-585 R1b-DF27-FT507041 R1b-DF27S
AB-599 R1b-Z2103-M12149-C1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-600 R1b-P312?-P1 R1b-DF27S
AB-611 R1b-Z2103?-M1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-612 R1b-P312?-B1 R1b-DF27S
AB-621 R1b-DF27-BY8341 R1b-DF27S
AB-628 R1b-DF27-CTS6519-Z1 R1b-DF27S
AB-671 R1b-U152-BY32257-sub1below R1b-EuropeA
AB-682 R1b-C1 R1b-DF27S
AB-698 R1b-Z2103?-B1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-700 R1b-P1 R1b-DF27S
AB-706 R1b-P312?-S1 R1b-Europe
AB-708 R1b-A8053-FT199131below R1b-oldS
AB-713 R1b-Z2103-PH49021below R1b-Z2103S
AB-717 R1b-DF27?-P1 R1b-DF27S
AB-719 R1b-DF27-ZZ12_1-G1 R1b-DF27S
AB-720 R1b-Z2103-FTA703561below R1b-Z2103S
AB-726 R1b-U106-S3542-B1 R1b-DF27S
AB-729 R1b-DF27-S14445-R1 R1b-DF27
AB-737 R1b-U152-BY62355-sub1below R1b-EuropeA
AB-754 R1b-Z2103?-P1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-755 R1b-L21?-L1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-772 R1b-Z2103-Y217071below R1b-Z2103S
AB-779 R1b-Z2103-L9441AB-073? R1b-Z2103
AB-828 R1b-Z2103-FT209833?1below R1b-Z2103M
AB-833 R1b-Z2103-FTA597771 R1bM
AB-836 R1b-Z2103?-FT18731questionmark-N1 R1bM
AB-838 R1b-Z2103?-Y1 R1b
AB-844 R1b-Z2103?-A1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-849 R1b-DF27-Z195-A1 R1b-DF27S
AB-856 R1b-Z2103?-K1 R1b-Z2103K
AB-857 R1b-Z2103?-K21 R1b-Z2103K
AB-864 R1b-U152-BY394481 R1b-EuropeS
AB-868 R1b-RB1 R1b-DF27

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