Jewish group of branches: I2


The Jewish branches can be grouped according to their Y-DNA characteristics. These characteristics are often related to a period between 10000ybp-4000ybp. Some branches had a founding father effect in that period outside the Middle East which gives information on the location of their ancestor at the time of the founding father. For other branches it is more likely that the ancestors were in the Middle East, where, in most cases, no founding father effect took place and population growth was continuous. An overview of the Jewish groups of branches is present.


The origin of the few Jewish I2 branches is not clear. I2 is an old branch in Europe and was significant present before the arrival of the Indo-European languages and the large increase of haplogroups R1b, R1a and I1. The I2-M233-L699 has an origin in the Middle East.

Branches can be found in very different groups, like branches in the Britain/Ireland, in Sardinia and southern Italy, but also in groups that suggest a part in the Slavic expansion. Each individual branch should be studied separately. No general pattern was found yet.

Branches in this group

Branch # Y-DNA SNP# of
CE of ancestor
CE range
GroupAS M G I R J B C
AB-087 I2-P215201211-15141400-1900 I2A
AB-088 I2-M223-P78-Y5294012876-1345700-1500 I2A
AB-089 I2-P37-Y2311518858-1258450-1300 I2A
AB-090 I2-P37-PF695061303-1735450-1450 I2AJ
AB-290 I2-K1 I2A
AB-291 I2-M223-L699-Y1667571below I2
AB-335 I2-FTA595951below I2S
AB-428 I2-M223-L699-PAGES000761below I2S
AB-663 I2-P37-BY162131 I2S
AB-709 I2-M223-P78-A4271 I2S
AB-711 I2-M223-CTS6433-E1 I2S
AB-848 I2-P37-PF6947-BY1512721 I2S
AB-859 I2-M223-CTS6433-PH52881AB-711? I2A

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