Catalogue of Y-DNA Mountain (Caucasus) Jew branches


This page is a collection of Jewish Y-DNA branches. All branches are checked that they have Jewish male ancestry. The list has both Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Mizrahi, Samaritan, Romaniote and Mountain Jew branches. This is registered on the basis of Jewish culture. The Y-DNA branches are sometimes mixed in different cultures, so a Y-DNA male line is not always a clear indication of its history. The present data indicates that the branch characteristics of the Ashkenazi branches are different from the Sephardic and Mizrahi branches.

The Y-DNA branches

The STR-modals of the Jewish groups are reported in Jewish modals page and can be used by copy-and-paste in the McGee tool. You can use the SNP overview to find the majority of the SNP-lines.

The branches below are named after their common main haplogroup (e.g. J1), the name of a SNP marker to indicate where approximately the group may originate near 3000-5000 ybp (e.g. YSC76) and a significant marker to indicate the Jewish group that shares a Jewish ancestor (e.g. L823). In the group overview a suggestion is given for the location the ancestor of a branch became Jewish.

Branch # Y-DNA SNP# of
CE of ancestor
CE range
GroupAS M G I R J B C
AB-349 L-Y16366 1below LC
AB-362 E1b-M84-PF6748-BY11629 1-1200-450 E1b-M84C
AB-363 R1b-Z2103?-Ma 1 R1b-Z2103C
AB-386 J2a-L25-FGC53942 1below J2aC
AB-388 G-U1?-D 1 GC
AB-396 G-BY21756 1below GC
AB-404 R1b-Z2103?-D 1 R1b-Z2103C
AB-415 R1b-Z2103?-M 1 R1b-Z2103C
AB-417 J1-YSC76-ZS6730 1below J1-YSC76C
AB-418 J2a-L26-Z8079 1below J2aC
AB-427 J2a-M 1 J2aBC
AB-430 J1-ZS2652 1below J1-otherC
AB-434 J1-FGC11-BY527 1250-1400 J1-otherC
AB-438 G-R 1 GC
AB-440 J2a-I 1 J2aC
AB-452 R1b-Z2103?-Y 1 R1b-Z2103C
AB-456 E1b-V12?-A 1 E1b-V12C
AB-481 T-P77-K 1 TC
AB-587 E1b-M84?-K 1 E1b-M84C
AB-645 E1b-V13?-A 1 E1b-V13C
AB-650 J1-FGC11?-G 1 J1-otherC
AB-694 J2a-L70?-G 1 J2aC
AB-695 G-U1?-E 1 GC

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