Catalogue of Y-DNA Jewish branches


This page is a collection of Jewish Y-DNA branches. All branches are checked that they have Jewish male ancestry. The list has both Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Mizrahi and Samaritan branches. This is registered on the basis of Jewish culture. The Y-DNA branches are sometimes mixed in different cultures, so a Y-DNA male line is not always a clear indication of its history. The present data indicates that the branch characteristics of the Ashkenazi branches are different from the Sephardic and Mizrahi branches. At the same time we see that lines migrated to the Ashkenazi countries over a long period.

This page was realized in collaboration with Avotaynu Online.

The Y-DNA branches

The STR-modals of the Jewish groups are reported in Jewish modals page and can be used by copy-and-paste in the McGee tool. You can use the SNP overview to find the majority of the SNP-lines.

The branches below are named after their common main haplogroup (e.g. J1), the name of a SNP marker to indicate where approximately the group may originate near 3000-5000 ybp (e.g. YSC76) and a significant marker to indicate the Jewish group that shares a Jewish ancestor (e.g. L823). In the group overview a suggestion is given for the location the ancestor of a branch became Jewish.

Branch # Y-DNA SNP# of
CE of ancestor
CE range
GroupAS M G I R C
AB-001 E1b-V22-BY750030444-836550-1350 E1b-V22AS
AB-002 E1b-V22-2nd2472-1615 E1b-V22AI
AB-003 E1b-V12-BY85404683-1490250-1625 E1b-V12A
AB-004 E1b-V12-BY843010749-12941100-1550 E1b-V12A
AB-005 E1b-M84-Y1489189466-708250-1100 E1b-M84AS
AB-006 E1b-M84-BY1107816845-1270850-1675 E1b-M84A
AB-007 E1b-Z841-Y6923125673-8610-800 E1b-Z841AI
AB-008 E1b-Z830-PF1952-a25789-1148400-1350 E1b-oldAI
AB-010 E1b-Z830-PF197535721-10490-1100 E1b-oldA
AB-011 E1b-V13-L241-BY7765771249-1684below E1b-V13A
AB-013 E1b-V13-Z172642644-1685 E1b-V13AS
AB-014 E1b-M81-A56047908-1479200-1700 E1b-M81A
AB-015 E1a-M4415462-994500-1450 E1aAS
AB-016 T-Y16897-BY1152016367-903450-1400 TA
AB-017 T-CTS88624-198-977below TA
AB-018 T-P77-Y77948315-1052below TA
AB-019 T-P77-PF40744916-1615below TA
AB-020 T-P77-Y31474-Z4176071288-17061050-1800 TA
AB-021 T-L208-Z7093679-1577650-1625 TAS
AB-022 J1-ZS227-S12192113668-864-1500--400 J1-ZS227AS
AB-026 J1-ZS227-3rd3563-1517AB-022? J1-ZS227AS
AB-027 J1-YSC76-FGC822410820-1346850-1725 J1-YSC76A
AB-028 J1-YSC76-F450-ZS695581228-1651-500-900 J1-YSC76ASI
AB-030 J1-Z18297-M4320a15564-1071-600-850 J1-Z18297ASI
AB-031 J1-YSC76-L823-a19965-1330below J1-YSC76A
AB-033 J1-L817-L81678776-992450-1200 J1-otherASIR
AB-034 J1-Z640-FGC5206241156-1443400-1500 J1-otherAI
AB-036 J1-Z18297-ZS8615371153-1393200-1050 J1-Z18297AS
AB-037 J1-FGC11-ZS210291018-1498-200-1100 J1-otherA
AB-039 J1-PF7263-a7577-1267below J1-otherA
AB-040 J2a-M92-L556171874-1014500-1200 J2aA
AB-041 J2a-M92-SK13445885-1544below J2aAS
AB-042 J2a-M92-2nd21143-1854 J2aA
AB-043 J2a-M92-Z515151185-1527below J2aA
AB-044 J2a-L210-Y1522289814-102150-950 J2aA
AB-045 J2a-L70-PF545635689-10150-1100 J2aA
AB-046 J2a-L70-P244.2161052-1422below J2aA
AB-047 J2a-L25-FGC3050813957-13881250-1850 J2aA
AB-049 J2a-L25-L24317511-1000below J2aA
AB-050 J2a-M410-Z604640601-92150-1200 J2aAI
AB-051 J2b-L283-CTS619016369-906200-1150 J2bA
AB-052 J2b-M102-Z4294213542-1085-400-1000 J2bAS
AB-053 G-M342-GG3622817-1751below GA
AB-054 G-M342-Z1860619998-1355below GA
AB-055 G-M342-L201101106-15361150-1825 GA
AB-056 G-M377170899-1058550-1150 GA
AB-057 G-L30-S114158822-1394below GA
AB-058 G-L140-FGC24930576-947350-1250 GAS
AB-059 G-L140-CTS599061263-1714below GASI
AB-060 G-L293-Z667341074-1695below GA
AB-061 G-U1-L12643974-17121300-1875 GA
AB-062 G-P1531281-1830 GA
AB-063 L-M349311-12261250-1875 LA
AB-064 L-M3171 LA
AB-065 Q-L245-Y2200144741-91250-750 QA
AB-066 R1a-Z283-L102912775-127750-1250 R1a-Z283A
AB-067 R1a-Z93-M582192660-809200-950 R1a-Z93A
AB-068 R1a-Z93-Z21238820-1394below R1a-Z93A
AB-069 R1b-V88-FGC2098022811-11870-1250 R1b-oldASI
AB-070 R1b-Z2103-FGC1459571172-1640350-1350 R1b-Z2103ASI
AB-071 R1b-M269-PF755837725-1038150-1150 R1b-oldA
AB-072 R1b-Z2103-Y1984715804-1252-200-850 R1b-Z2103AS
AB-073 R1b-Z2103-L94413646-11631800-1950 R1b-Z2103AS
AB-074 R1b-U152-BY18760021272-765below R1b-EuropeA
AB-075 R1b-U152-L4-a41074-1695-100-1150 R1b-EuropeA
AB-077 R1b-DF27-FGC207619766-1330500-1150 R1b-DF27ASI
AB-078 R1b-L21-Z18106111043-1478below R1b-EuropeA
AB-079 R1b-U152-L408221286-1551below R1b-EuropeA
AB-080 R1b-Z2103-Z21083767-1617 R1b-Z2103ASI
AB-081 R1b-U152-Z564371-1317-800-1200 R1b-EuropeA
AB-082 R1b-DF27-Z196563887-1673950-1775 R1b-DF27A
AB-083 R2a-M12431376-1859below R2aA
AB-084 R1b-U106-Ivanhoe66415-70050-1000 R1b-EuropeASI
AB-085 R2a-F1092-FGC13211211213-15021150-1850 R2aA
AB-086 I1-Z1404758-15331150-1850 I1A
AB-087 I2-P215201211-1514below I2A
AB-088 I2-P7812876-1345250-1400 I2A
AB-089 I2-P3718858-1258500-1400 I2A
AB-090 I2-PF695061303-1735650-1600 I2AS
AB-091 E1b-V12-Y295943443-1458below E1b-V12A
AB-092 T-L208-Y37821below TA
AB-093 T-P3172-571-1131 TA
AB-094 R1b-P297-PF435461069-1608below R1b-oldA
AB-095 E1b-M2-P2771 E1b-oldA
AB-096 E1b-V22-N336411 E1b-V22A
AB-097 E1b-V13-7204531588-1885 E1b-V13A
AB-098 J1-YSC76-1539941 J1-YSC76A
AB-100 G-PF3146-Y149352821-1750below GA
AB-101 R1b-DF27-6136231281-1830below R1b-DF27A
AB-102 R1b-U152-480631 R1b-EuropeA
AB-103 R1b-V88-B1 R1b-oldAS
AB-104 R1b-U106?-1347921 R1b-EuropeA
AB-105 R1b-DF27?-1803921 R1b-DF27A
AB-106 R1b-L11?-2131281 R1b-EuropeA
AB-107 E1b-V22?-3339662133-1467 E1b-V22S
AB-108 E1b-V22-701373974-1712 E1b-V22S
AB-109 E1b-V13?-D1 E1b-V13S
AB-110 E1b-M78-579041 E1b-oldM
AB-111 E1b-Z841-Y49728965-1488below E1b-Z841SR
AB-112 J1-YSC76-L823-c1AB-031? J1-YSC76A
AB-113 J1-Z640-2nd2960-1798below J1-otherS
AB-114 J2a-M319?-1341836473-1245below J2aASI
AB-115 J2a-L26-2041561 J2aA
AB-116 J2a-L26-Y118604295-1272below J2aA
AB-118 J1-YSC76?-2307381 J1-YSC76A
AB-120 G-PF3146-3499741074-1695 GS
AB-121 G-L293-933061 GS
AB-122 G-U1-Z2942481228-1651below GSI
AB-123 G-U1-Z307181below GS
AB-124 G-P303-M2784449-1361 GS
AB-125 R1a-Z93?-747502821-1750 R1a-Z93S
AB-126 Q-L53-2912181 QR
AB-127 G-L293-N650331 GS
AB-128 E1b-M81-A 1 E1b-M81S
AB-129 E1b-M84-Y60961-Y624181below E1b-M84S
AB-130 R1a-Z93-29141 R1a-Z93S
AB-131 J2a-M319-N878304-1273-298 J2aS
AB-132 E1b-M84-2183111 E1b-M84S
AB-133 E1b-M84-BY110252-203-1311450-1500 E1b-M84AS
AB-134 G-PF3146-2000301 GS
AB-135 J1-Z18297-ZS37361below J1-Z18297M
AB-136 J1-YSC76-ZS60561 J1-YSC76S
AB-137 J2a-L25-FGC99611 J2aS
AB-138 Q-L245-BZ39002821-1750 QS
AB-139 R1b-Z2103?-1810791 R1b-Z2103M
AB-140 E1b-V12-1596353444-1458below E1b-V12S
AB-141 E1b-V12-BY85001below E1b-V12SI
AB-142 J1-FGC11-S1 J1-otherM
AB-143 G-L140-6117621144-1853 GS
AB-144 E1b-M81?-M1 E1b-M81A
AB-145 R1b-L11?-1923701 R1b-EuropeA
AB-146 R1b-Z2103-L1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-147 R1b-DF27-BY1614811050-1800 R1b-DF27A
AB-148 R1b-DF27-3670171 R1b-DF27S
AB-149 R1b-Z2103-M121351 R1b-Z2103ASI
AB-150 J1-Z18297-FGC279892181-1480 J1-Z18297S
AB-151 J1-Z18297?-N1 J1-Z18297M
AB-152 R1b-P312-292951 R1b-EuropeR
AB-153 J2b-L283-Z396531250-1300 J2bA
AB-154 E1b-M84?-2312201 E1b-M84S
AB-155 E1b-V22-1495321 E1b-V22G
AB-156 E1b-V13-529381 E1b-V13A
AB-157 E1b-V13-858301 E1b-V13A
AB-158 E1b-M84-Y60961-Y1413992645-1685below E1b-M84S
AB-159 E1b-M84-2351591 E1b-M84S
AB-160 E1b-Z841-BY558952512-1630below E1b-Z841A
AB-161 T-P77-Y31474-BY399671 TA
AB-162 T-L208-PF74431below TSR
AB-163 E1b-V13-1076331 E1b-V13S
AB-164 J1-ZS227-18365031588-1885AB-022? J1-ZS227S
AB-165 J1-ZS227-489021144-1853AB-022? J1-ZS227S
AB-166 J1-Z18297-Z2136-1466AB-036? J1-Z18297A
AB-167 J1-Z18297-ZS43071 J1-Z18297SI
AB-168 J2a-M92-3781341 J2a
AB-169 J2a-L70?-1300011 J2aA
AB-170 J2a-L70-Z21771below J2aA
AB-171 J2a-M319?-1605071 J2aS
AB-173 J2b-L283?-3745211AB-153? J2bS
AB-174 R1a-Z93?-4247261 R1a-Z93A
AB-176 R1b-DF27?-F1 R1b-DF27S
AB-177 R1b-DF27-Y313371750-1650 R1b-DF27S
AB-178 R1b-U152-A798221144-1853below R1b-EuropeA
AB-179 R1b-DF27-Y169651below R1b-DF27S
AB-180 J1-PF48321 J1-otherS
AB-181 T-L208?-1321921 TSI
AB-182 T-2215101 TS
AB-183 T-1574471 TA
AB-184 T-1854941 TS
AB-185 E1b-V13-4454671 E1b-V13A
AB-186 E1b-M84?-2098181 E1b-M84S
AB-188 E1b-M81?-G1 E1b-M81A
AB-189 E1b-M81-MZ1431below E1b-M81A
AB-190 E1b-V12-CTS56371AB-003? E1b-V12S
AB-191 E1b-M84-FGC18401-M1below E1b-M84S
AB-192 E1b-M84?-905304296-1272 E1b-M84A
AB-193 E1b-V13?-4536761 E1b-V13A
AB-194 E1b-V13?-4198271 E1b-V13S
AB-195 E1b-V65-N192761 E1b-M81A
AB-196 E1b-V13?-1927831 E1b-V13S
AB-197 E1b-1297221 E1b-oldS
AB-198 T-2562771 TM
AB-199 J1-2562731 J1-otherM
AB-200 J1-YSC76?-2562801 J1-YSC76M
AB-201 G-L140?-1592341 GM
AB-202 G-L140-PF33461 GS
AB-203 J1-ZS227-2524331AB-022? J1-ZS227S
AB-204 J1-ZS227-1116021AB-022? J1-ZS227S
AB-205 J2a-L210?-848091 J2aS
AB-206 J2a-L210?-705131 J2aS
AB-207 J2a-L26-1013471 J2aS
AB-209 J2a-L25-1763331 J2aS
AB-210 J2b-1834741 J2bM
AB-211 J2a-4101411 J2aS
AB-212 Q-L245-YP7451below QS
AB-213 Q-L245-B1 QS
AB-214 R2a-F1092?-K1AB-085? R2aA
AB-216 R2a-F1092-N1AB-085? R2aS
AB-218 J2a-2534971 J2aS
AB-219 J2a-SK1344-BY225063165-1306below J2aSI
AB-220 T-Y4984-Y610991below TS
AB-221 T-1737671 TS
AB-222 T-5299101 TS
AB-223 T-2422071 TS
AB-224 E1b-M84-FGC18401-L3886-1674AB-191? E1b-M84A
AB-225 E1b-V12?-3143501 E1b-V12S
AB-226 J1-FGC11-FGC37081below J1-otherM
AB-227 T-L208-PF7443?-5248911 TS
AB-229 E1b-V22?-Cordova1 E1b-V22S
AB-230 R1b-U152-P1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-231 G-U1-4469721 GS
AB-232 G-L497-Z318461below GS
AB-233 G-U1-5244721 GS
AB-234 J2b-L283-Y220381below J2bS
AB-235 L-Co1 LS
AB-236 R1b-Z2103?-2851141 R1b-Z2103S
AB-237 E1b-V13-Mo1 E1b-V13S
AB-238 J2a-Co1 J2aS
AB-239 J2a-L26-Z439861below J2aASI
AB-240 J2a-Mez1 J2aS
AB-241 J1-Z18281below J1-otherS
AB-242 R1b-L21-Ki1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-243 E1b-V13-16624931280-1830 E1b-V13S
AB-244 E1b-M84?-1132921 E1b-M84S
AB-245 E1b-M81?-CTS122271below E1b-M81S
AB-246 E1b-M81?-H1 E1b-M81S
AB-247 E1b-M81?-C1 E1b-M81S
AB-248 E1b-V13?-L1 E1b-V13S
AB-249 E1b-V12?-I1 E1b-V12S
AB-250 E1b-Z841?-V1 E1b-Z841S
AB-251 G-L140-CTS48032996-1813below GS
AB-252 J1-ZS227-4829712346-1556AB-022? J1-ZS227M
AB-253 J2a-L26?-M1 J2aS
AB-254 J1-PF48381AB-030? J1-Z18297S
AB-255 J1-ZS2518?-N1 J1-otherS
AB-256 J1-ZS227-B1AB-022? J1-ZS227S
AB-257 J2a-L25?-A1 J2aS
AB-258 J2a-dM1 J2aS
AB-259 J2a-B1 J2aS
AB-260 R1b-P1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-261 R1b-R1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-262 R1b-Al1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-263 T-P1 TS
AB-264 J2b-S1AB-052? J2bS
AB-265 R2a-F1092-M1AB-085? R2aM
AB-266 J1-Z18297?-M1AB-036? J1-Z18297S
AB-267 R1b-DF27-L1 R1b-DF27S
AB-269 R1b-M269-M1 R1b-oldA
AB-270 R1b-M269?-T1 R1b-oldA
AB-271 J1-ZS227-G1AB-022? J1-ZS227A
AB-272 R1b-DF27?-T1 R1b-DF27S
AB-273 R1b-DF27-M1 R1b-DF27S
AB-274 J1-Z18297?-J1 J1-Z18297S
AB-275 R2a-M124-B1 R2aS
AB-276 E1b-V13-L171below E1b-V13S
AB-277 J1-ZS227-K1AB-022? J1-ZS227A
AB-278 J1-YSC76-FGC82232472-1615below J1-YSC76A
AB-279 J1-ZS227-A1AB-022? J1-ZS227A
AB-280 L-B1 LA
AB-281 E1b-V13?-P1 E1b-V13A
AB-282 E1b-M84-FGC18401-G1AB-191? E1b-M84A
AB-283 E1b-M84-FGC18401-C1AB-191? E1b-M84S
AB-284 E1b-V65?-B1 E1b-M81S
AB-285 E1b-V22?-K1 E1b-V22S
AB-286 E1b-V13?-G1AB-011? E1b-V13A
AB-287 E1b-V22?-M1AB-001? E1b-V22A
AB-288 G-PF3146?-C1 GS
AB-289 G-PF3146?-D1 GS
AB-290 I2-K1 I2A
AB-291 I2-S121951below I2
AB-293 J1-ZS227?-H1AB-022? J1-ZS227A
AB-294 J1-L8171below J1-otherS
AB-295 J2a-C1 J2aS
AB-296 J2a-M1 J2aS
AB-297 J2a-M92?-T1 J2aS
AB-298 J2a-L26?-Ch1 J2aS
AB-300 J2a-L25?-K1 J2aS
AB-302 R1a-Z93?-M1 R1a-Z93S
AB-303 R1b-Z2103?-N1 R1b-Z2103A
AB-304 R1b-U152-CTS278-BY336461below R1b-EuropeS
AB-305 R1b-P312?-S1 R1b-EuropeA
AB-306 R1b-L21-Z169431below R1b-EuropeS
AB-307 J1-YSC76-L823-d1AB-031? J1-YSC76S
AB-308 E1b-V12?-S1 E1b-V12S
AB-309 G-L293?-G1 GS
AB-310 J2a-L26-PF51691below J2aG
AB-311 R1b-P312?-M1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-312 R1b-DF27?-So1AB-176? R1b-EuropeS
AB-313 T-B1 TS
AB-314 T-DL1 TS
AB-315 R1b-L21-Sa1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-316 E1b-M84?-M1 E1b-M84M
AB-317 J1-ZS227?-C1AB-022? J1-ZS227S
AB-318 G-M1 GS
AB-319 J2b-L283?-A1 J2bS
AB-320 J2a-Ca1 J2aS
AB-321 J1-ZS2518-Ca1AB-255? J1-otherS
AB-322 G-B1 GS
AB-323 J2a-M1 J2aS
AB-324 R1a-Z93?-M1 R1a-Z93A
AB-325 R1a-Z93?-A1 R1a-Z93A
AB-326 R1a-Z283?-G1 R1a-Z283A
AB-327 R1a-Z283-N1 R1a-Z283A
AB-328 R1a-Z283?-S1 R1a-Z283A
AB-329 J1-Z18297?-L1 J1-Z18297S
AB-330 J2a-L26-Y112001below J2aG
AB-331 J1-Z640-CTS45101below J1-otherSI
AB-332 R1b-P312?-BM1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-333 J1-ZS227?-M1 J1-ZS227M
AB-334 J2a-Sa1 J2aR
AB-335 I2-Ca1 I2S
AB-336 E1b-M84?-Mu1 E1b-M84S
AB-337 J1-Z18297?-B1AB-036? J1-Z18297S
AB-338 J1-ZS227?-P1AB-022? J1-ZS227S
AB-339 E1b-V12?-Ca1 E1b-V12S
AB-340 G-P303-T1 GS
AB-341 G-VD1 GS
AB-342 G-P303?-E1 GS
AB-343 E1b-V13?-L1 E1b-V13S
AB-344 J1-FGC11-FGC16952346-1556below J1-otherA
AB-345 J1-PF4869?-M3-107-1162 J1-otherSI
AB-346 J2a-L26-Su1 J2aS
AB-347 J1-YSC76?-B1 J1-YSC76A
AB-348 J1-ZS227?-H1AB-022? J1-ZS227S
AB-349 L-Y163661below LC
AB-350 J1-PF4869-S1below J1S
AB-352 J2a-M92?-Ka1 J2aS
AB-353 J2a-L26?-J1 J2aS
AB-354 J2a-Hu1 J2aS
AB-355 J2b-L283?-Go1 J2aS
AB-356 R1b-U152-CTS64491below R1b-EuropeS
AB-357 R1a-Z93?-G1 R1a-Z93S
AB-358 T-Ni1 TS
AB-360 R1a-Z283?-Mar1 R1a-Z283A
AB-361 G-L30-Fa1 GS
AB-362 E1b-M84-BY116291below E1b-M84C
AB-363 R1b-Z2103?-Ma1 R1b-Z2103C
AB-364 R1a-Z283?-Sa1 R1a-Z283S
AB-365 T-Fu1 TS
AB-366 R1a-Z93?-Ku1AB-068? R1a-Z93A
AB-367 R1b-DF27?-Co1 R1b-DF27S
AB-368 G-P303?-Ab1 GS
AB-369 E1b-M84?-S1 E1b-M84A
AB-370 J1-M1 J1-otherM
AB-371 R1b-G1 R1b-oldS
AB-372 R1b-Al1 R1b-oldS
AB-374 J1-C1 J1-otherS
AB-375 G-U1?-A1 GA
AB-376 G-L293?-B1 GS
AB-377 E1b-Z841?-A1 E1b-Z841A
AB-378 E1b-V13-Z171071below E1b-V13A
AB-379 J2a-O1 J2aS
AB-380 G-NM1 GS
AB-381 R1b-P312?-R1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-382 E1b-M84?-R1 E1b-M84A
AB-383 E1b-M2-C1 E1b-oldS
AB-384 E1b-V65?-B1 E1b-M81S
AB-385 J1-H1 J1-otherS
AB-386 J2a-P1 J2aC
AB-387 G-U1?-G1 GR
AB-388 G-U1?-D1 GC
AB-389 J1-ZS227?-K1AB-022? J1-ZS227R
AB-390 J2b-L283-Z84291AB-153? J2bA
AB-391 R1b-DF27?-C1 R1b-DF27S
AB-392 R1a-Z283-M1 R1a-Z283R
AB-393 R1b-P312?-M1 R1b-EuropeR
AB-394 J1-L1 J1-otherM
AB-395 G-L14-Z455801below GS
AB-396 G-BY217561below GC
AB-397 J1-YSC76-L823-e1AB-031? J1-YSC76S
AB-398 E1b-V12?-J1 E1b-V12S
AB-399 E1b-M84?-E1 E1b-M84S
AB-400 E1b-M84-FGC18401-D1 E1b-M84S
AB-401 J2a-L70-PF5456-M1 J2aS
AB-402 J2a-dS1 J2aS
AB-403 J2a-B1 J2aS
AB-404 R1b-Z2103?-D1 R1b-Z2103C
AB-405 E1b-G1 E1b-oldS
AB-406 E1b-M84?-M1 E1b-M84R
AB-407 J1-ZS2518?-L1AB-255? J1-otherR
AB-408 J1-N1 J1-otherR
AB-409 J1-ZS227?-R1AB-022? J1-ZS227R
AB-410 J2a-L25?-H1AB-047? J2aC
AB-411 J2b-S1 J2bM
AB-412 G-L140?-K1 GS
AB-413 H-P961 HM
AB-414 T-L208?-P1 TS
AB-415 R1b-P312?-M1 R1b-EuropeC
AB-416 J1-ZS227?-Ra1AB-022? J1-ZS227S
AB-417 J1-YSC76-BY651-2700--1500 J1-YSC76C
AB-418 J2a-L26?-P1 J2aC
AB-419 E1b-V13?-Ca1 E1b-V13S
AB-420 R1a-Z93?-S1 R1a-Z93A
AB-421 J2a-L1064-BY376051below J2aM
AB-422 J2b-L283?-B1 J2bS
AB-423 R1b-DF27?-S1 R1b-DF27S
AB-424 Q-YP12371below QS
AB-425 R1b-P312?-G1 R1b-EuropeA
AB-426 J2a-C1 J2aS
AB-427 J2a-M1 J2aC
AB-428 I2?-V1 I2S
AB-429 E1b-M84?-G1 E1b-M84S
AB-430 J1-YSC76?-N1 J1-YSC76C
AB-431 J2a-M92?-Y1 J2aS
AB-432 Q-L245-BZ151below QS
AB-433 J1-ZS227-E1AB-022? J1-ZS227C
AB-434 J1-FGC11-Y108871below J1-otherC
AB-435 H-M69-A1 HS
AB-436 J2a-L26-M471 J2aS
AB-437 J2a-M1 J2aS
AB-438 G-R1 GC
AB-439 I2-P1 I2S
AB-440 J2a-I1 J2aC
AB-441 L-R1 LS
AB-442 E1b-PF2440-M1 E1b-M81S
AB-443 E1b-M84?-G1 E1b-M84M
AB-444 T-O1 TS
AB-445 T-L208-PF7443?-E1 TS
AB-446 R1b-R1 R1b-oldS
AB-447 R1b-PH155?1 R1b-oldS
AB-448 L-K1 LS
AB-449 Q-C1 QS
AB-451 R1a-Z93?-N1 R1a-Z93M
AB-452 R1b-Z2103?-Y1 R1b-Z2103C
AB-453 J2a-M319-D1AB-379? J2aM
AB-454 J2b-L283-Z6271below J2bS
AB-455 J2a-M410-PF50561below J2aS
AB-456 E1b-V12?-A1 E1b-V12A
AB-457 E1b-V13?-E1 E1b-V13S
AB-458 J2a-M92-FGC630351below J2aS
AB-459 J2a-L26?-M1 J2aS
AB-460 J1-ZS227?-T1 J1-ZS227S
AB-461 J1-YSC76?-K1 J1-YSC76S
AB-462 R1b-Z2103?-Z1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-463 J2a-L26?-Z1 J2aS
AB-464 G-L140?-S1 GS
AB-465 J1-ZS227?-MK1 J1-ZS227M
AB-466 J2b-L283?-E1 J2b
AB-467 J2a-L1 J2a
AB-468 R1a-Z283?-B1 R1a-Z283M
AB-469 E1a-M44-Z314971below E1aM
AB-470 J2a-H1 J2aM
AB-471 T-H1 TS
AB-472 R1a-YP1272?-G1 R1a-Z93S
AB-473 R1b-P312?-DS1 R1b-Europe
AB-474 T-P77?-M1 TS
AB-475 J2b-L283?-PS1 J2b
AB-476 E1b-V13?-B1 E1b-V13
AB-477 E1b-M84?-A1 E1b-M84S
AB-479 J1-A1 J1-otherS
AB-480 J2a-L70-M318?1 J2aS
AB-481 T-P77-K1 TC
AB-482 T-L208-Y225591below TA
AB-483 J1-YSC76-FGC8223?-B1 J1-YSC76S
AB-484 E1b-M84?-B1 E1b-M84S
AB-485 E1b-M84?-F1 E1b-M84S
AB-487 E1b-V12?-J1 E1b-V12M
AB-488 E1b-V12?-P1 E1b-V12M
AB-489 E1b-V12?-L1 E1b-V12M
AB-490 E1b-M84?-N1 E1b-M84S
AB-491 E1b-V22?-S1 E1b-V22S
AB-492 E1b-M81?-W1 E1b-M81A
AB-493 G-U1?-G1 GM
AB-494 G-U1?-M1 GS
AB-495 G-L497?-D1 GM
AB-496 G-P303?-H1 GM
AB-497 G-U1?-M1 GS
AB-498 R1a-Z93?-S1 R1a-Z93S
AB-499 R1a-Z283?-E1 R1a-Z283
AB-500 R2a-K1 R2aM
AB-501 J1-S1 J1-otherM
AB-502 J2a-M92-U1 J2aS
AB-503 J2a-O21 J2aM
AB-505 J2a-T1 J2aS
AB-506 J2a-L70?-B1 J2aM
AB-507 J2a-Z77001below J2a
AB-508 R1b-U152?-S1 R1b-Europe
AB-509 R1b-DF27?-A1 R1b-DF27S
AB-510 R1b-P312?-K1 R1b-EuropeA
AB-511 R1b-P312?-B1 R1b-Europe
AB-512 R1b-P312?-C1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-513 R1b-U152?-N1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-514 R1b-Z2103?-M1 R1b-Z2103M
AB-515 R1b-Z2103?-Y1 R1b-Z2103M
AB-516 E1b-V12-L1 E1b-V12S
AB-517 E1b-V12-H1 E1b-V12S
AB-518 J2a-A1 J2aS
AB-519 J1-Z640-Z22851below J1-otherS
AB-521 J2a-D1 J2aS
AB-522 R1b-P312?-F1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-523 G-U1?-I1 GS
AB-524 T-S1 TM
AB-525 R1a-Z93?-K1 R1a-Z93M
AB-526 E1b-M84?-Z1 E1b-M84M
AB-527 E1b-V65?-C1below E1b-M81S
AB-528 E1b-M84?-G1 E1b-M84S
AB-529 E1b-V13?-M1 E1b-V13S
AB-530 J1-H1 J1-otherM
AB-531 J2a-L26?-B1 J2aM
AB-532 J2a-S1 J2aM
AB-533 R1b-P312?-O1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-534 R1b-P312?-A1 R1b-Europe
AB-535 R1b-Z2103?-P1 R1b-Z2103S
AB-536 R1b-M1 R1b-oldS
AB-537 E1b-M84-BY369751below E1b-M84A
AB-538 J2b-L283?-M1 J2bS
AB-539 J1-Z18297?-R1 J1-Z18297S
AB-540 J2a-L25?-M1 J2aS
AB-541 J2a-K1 J2aM
AB-542 J2a-L26?-S1 J2aS
AB-543 T-P77?-M1 TM
AB-544 E1b-M84?-M1 E1b-M84S
AB-545 E1b-M81-K1 E1b-M81S
AB-546 E1b-V13-B1 E1b-V13S
AB-547 E1b-M84?-K1 E1b-M84M
AB-548 E1b-V22?-G1 E1b-V22S
AB-549 J2a-L26?-M1 J2aS
AB-550 J1-ZS227?-S1 J1-ZS227S
AB-551 J1-Z18297?-B1AB-030? J1-Z18297S
AB-552 J2a-A?1 J2aS
AB-553 J2b-B1 J2bS
AB-554 J2b-L283?-H1 J2bS
AB-555 J1-Z18297?-V1 J1-Z18297S
AB-556 T-P77?-B1 TS
AB-557 R1b-P312?-D1 R1b-EuropeA
AB-558 R1b-H1 R1b-EuropeS
AB-559 J1-O1 J1
AB-560 R1a-Z283?-T1 R1a-Z283S
AB-561 E1b-M84-FGC18401-S1below E1b-M84S
AB-562 G-U1?-S1 GS
AB-563 I2-H1 I2S
AB-564 E1b-M84?-S1 E1b-M84M
AB-565 G-S1 GS
AB-566 T-P77?-M1 TS
AB-567 R1a-Z93?-K1 R1a-Z93S
AB-568 J1-D1 J1-otherM
AB-569 J2a-L210?-S1 J2aS
AB-570 J2a-L26?-B1 J2aS
AB-571 J2a-L26?-J1 J2aS
AB-572 J2a-L26?-L1 J2aS
AB-573 J2a-U1 J2aS
AB-574 J2a-H1 J2aS
AB-575 J2a-M410?-T1 J2aS
AB-576 J2a-L70?-S1 J2aS
AB-577 E1b-M84?-S1 E1b-M84M
AB-578 E1b-BY469231 E1b-M81S
AB-579 J1-ZS227?-C1 J1-ZS227S
AB-580 J1-ZS227?-D1 J1-ZS227S
AB-581 J2a-B1 J2aS
AB-582 J2a-Z1 J2a
AB-583 R1b-B1 R1b-EuropeR
AB-584 J2a-Z1 J2aS
AB-585 R1b-S1 R1b-Europe
AB-586 E1b-M84?-M1 E1b-M84R
AB-587 E1b-M84?-K1 E1b-M84
AB-588 J1-M18297?-G1 J1-Z18297
AB-589 J2b-L283?-B1 J2bR
AB-590 J1-YSC76?-A1 J1-YSC76
AB-591 J2a-L26?-U1 J2a
AB-592 J2a-A1 J2aS
AB-593 E1b-M84?-E1 E1b-M84
AB-594 J1-FGC11?-B1 J1-other
AB-595 J1-S1 J1-other
AB-596 J2a-S1 J2aR
AB-597 R1b-Z93?-C1 R1a-Z93
AB-598 R1b-Z93?-A1 R1a-Z93
AB-599 R1b-Z2103?-C1 R1b-Z2103
AB-600 R1b-P312?-P1 R1b-Europe
AB-601 J2a-H1 J2aS
AB-602 E1b-V22?-C1 E1b-V22
AB-603 T-L1 T
AB-604 T-C1 TM
AB-605 T-P77?-H1 TM
AB-606 E1b-M84?-V1 E1b-M84
AB-607 E1b-V13-M1 E1b-V13S
AB-608 Q-L275-I1 QS
AB-609 J2a-I1 J2a
AB-611 R1b-Z2103?-M1 R1b-Z2103
AB-613 R1a-Z283-YP59501 R1a-Z283A
AB-614 T-H1 T

table caption