Catalogue of Y-DNA Ashkenazi branches


This page is a collection of Jewish Y-DNA branches. All branches are checked that they have Jewish male ancestry. The list has both Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Mizrahi branches. This is registered on the basis of Jewish culture. The Y-DNA branches are sometimes mixed in different cultures, so a Y-DNA male line is not always a clear indication of its history. The present data indicates that the branch characteristics of the Ashkenazi branches are different from the Sephardic and Mizrahi branches. At the same time we see that lines migrated to the Ashkenazi countries over a long period.

The Y-DNA branches

The Jews were present in many areas in the Ashkenazi countries. For a better understanding of the distribution of the Jews in these countries you can use the Jewish locations in Ashkenazi countries page.

The STR-modals of the Jewish groups are reported in Jewish modals page and can be used by copy-and-paste in the McGee tool. You can use the SNP overview to find the majority of the SNP-lines.

The branches below are named after their common main haplogroup (e.g. J1), the name of a SNP marker to indicate where approximately the group may originate near 3000-5000 ybp (e.g. YSC76) and a significant marker to indicate the Jewish group that shares a Jewish ancestor (e.g. L823). In the group overview a suggestion is given for the location the ancestor of a branch became Jewish.

Branch # Y-DNA SNP# of
CE of ancestor
CE range
GroupAS M G I R C
AB-001 E1b-V22-BY750030444-836550-1350 E1b-V22AS
AB-002 E1b-V22-2nd2472-1615 E1b-V22AI
AB-003 E1b-V12-BY85364683-1490250-1625 E1b-V12ASI
AB-004 E1b-V12-BY843010749-12941100-1550 E1b-V12A
AB-005 E1b-M84-Y1489189466-708250-1100 E1b-M84AS
AB-006 E1b-M84-BY1107816845-1270850-1675 E1b-M84A
AB-007 E1b-Z841-Y6923125673-8610-800 E1b-Z841AI
AB-008 E1b-Z830-PF1952-a25789-1148400-1350 E1b-oldAI
AB-010 E1b-Z830-PF197535721-10490-1100 E1b-oldA
AB-011 E1b-V13-L241-BY7765771249-1684below E1b-V13A
AB-013 E1b-V13-Z172642644-1685 E1b-V13AS
AB-014 E1b-M81-A56047908-1479200-1700 E1b-M81A
AB-015 E1a-M4415462-994500-1450 E1aAS
AB-016 T-Y16897-BY1152016367-903450-1400 TA
AB-017 T-CTS88624-198-977below TA
AB-018 T-P77-Y77948315-1052below TA
AB-019 T-P77-PF40744916-1615below TA
AB-020 T-P77-Y31474-Z4176071288-17061050-1800 TA
AB-021 T-L208-Z7093679-1577650-1625 TAS
AB-022 J1-ZS227-S12192113668-864-1500--400 J1-ZS227AS
AB-026 J1-ZS227-3rd3563-1517AB-022? J1-ZS227AS
AB-027 J1-YSC76-FGC822410820-1346850-1725 J1-YSC76A
AB-028 J1-YSC76-F450-ZS695581228-1651-500-900 J1-YSC76ASI
AB-030 J1-Z18297-M4320a15564-1071-600-850 J1-Z18297ASI
AB-031 J1-YSC76-L823-a19965-1330below J1-YSC76A
AB-033 J1-L817-L81678776-992450-1200 J1-otherASIR
AB-034 J1-Z640-FGC5206241156-1443-1050 J1-otherAI
AB-036 J1-Z18297-ZS8615371153-1393-1100 J1-Z18297AS
AB-037 J1-FGC11-ZS210291018-1498-1200 J1-otherA
AB-039 J1-PF7263-a7577-1267below J1-otherA
AB-040 J2a-M92-L556171874-1014-950 J2aA
AB-041 J2a-M92-SK13445885-1544below J2aAS
AB-042 J2a-M92-2nd21143-1854 J2aA
AB-043 J2a-M92-Z515151185-1527below J2aA
AB-044 J2a-L210-Y1522289814-1021-1100 J2aA
AB-045 J2a-L70-PF545635689-1015-1850 J2aA
AB-046 J2a-L70-P244.2161052-1422below J2aA
AB-047 J2a-L25-FGC3050813957-1388-1200 J2aA
AB-049 J2a-L25-L24317511-1000below J2aA
AB-050 J2a-M410-Z604640601-921-1000 J2aAI
AB-051 J2b-L283-Y3379516369-906-1825 J2bA
AB-052 J2b-M102-Z4294213542-1085-1150 J2bAS
AB-053 G-M342-GG3622817-1751below GA
AB-054 G-M342-Z1860619998-1355below GA
AB-055 G-M342-L201101106-1536-1250 GA
AB-056 G-M377170899-1058-1875 GA
AB-057 G-L30-S114158822-1394below GA
AB-058 G-L140-FGC24930576-947-1875 GAS
AB-059 G-L140-CTS599061263-1714below GASI
AB-060 G-L293-Z667341074-1695below GA
AB-061 G-U1-L12643974-1712-750 GA
AB-062 G-P1531281-1830 GA
AB-063 L-M349311-1226-1250 LA
AB-064 L-M3171 LA
AB-065 Q-L245-Y2200144741-912-950 QA
AB-066 R1a-Z283-L102912775-1277-1250 R1a-Z283A
AB-067 R1a-Z93-M582192660-809-1350 R1a-Z93A
AB-068 R1a-Z93-Z21238820-1394below R1a-Z93A
AB-069 R1b-V88-FGC2098022811-1187-1150 R1b-oldASI
AB-070 R1b-Z2103-FGC1459571172-1640-850 R1b-Z2103ASI
AB-071 R1b-M269-PF755837725-1038-1950 R1b-oldA
AB-072 R1b-Z2103-Y1984715804-1252-1150 R1b-Z2103AS
AB-073 R1b-Z2103-L94413646-1163-1150 R1b-Z2103AS
AB-074 R1b-U152-BY18760021272-765below R1b-EuropeA
AB-075 R1b-U152-L4-a41074-1695-1200 R1b-EuropeA
AB-077 R1b-DF27-FGC207619766-1330-1775 R1b-DF27ASI
AB-078 R1b-L21-Z18106111043-1478below R1b-EuropeA
AB-079 R1b-U152-L408221286-1551below R1b-EuropeA
AB-080 R1b-Z2103-Z21083767-1617 R1b-Z2103ASI
AB-081 R1b-U152-Z564371-1317-1000 R1b-EuropeA
AB-082 R1b-DF27-Z196563887-1673-1850 R1b-DF27A
AB-083 R2a-M12431376-1859below R2aA
AB-084 R1b-U106-Ivanhoe66415-700-1850 R1b-EuropeASI
AB-085 R2a-F1092-FGC13211211213-1502-1400 R2aA
AB-086 I1-Z140-Y126634758-1533-1400 I1A
AB-087 I2-P215201211-1514below I2A
AB-088 I2-P78-Y5294012876-1345-1600 I2A
AB-089 I2-P37-Y2311518858-1258-1500 I2A
AB-090 I2-PF695061303-1735-1800 I2AS
AB-091 E1b-V12-Y295943443-1458below E1b-V12A
AB-092 T-L208-Y37821below TA
AB-093 T-P3172-571-1131below TA
AB-094 R1b-P297-PF435461069-1608below R1b-oldA
AB-095 E1b-M2-P2771below E1b-oldA
AB-096 E1b-V22-N336411 E1b-V22AI
AB-097 E1b-V13-7204531588-1885 E1b-V13A
AB-100 G-PF3146-Y149352821-1750below GA
AB-101 R1b-DF27-A537631281-1830below R1b-DF27A
AB-102 R1b-U152-480631 R1b-EuropeA
AB-103 R1b-V88-B1 R1b-oldAS
AB-104 R1b-U106?-1347921 R1b-EuropeA
AB-105 R1b-DF27?-1803921 R1b-DF27A
AB-106 R1b-L11?-2131281 R1b-EuropeA
AB-112 J1-YSC76-L823-c1AB-031? J1-YSC76A
AB-113 J1-Z640-2nd2960-1798below J1-otherAS
AB-114 J2a-M319?-1341836473-1245below J2aASI
AB-116 J2a-CTS900-Y118604295-1272below J2aA
AB-118 J1-YSC76?-2307381AB-027? J1-YSC76A
AB-133 E1b-M84-BY110252-203-1311-1650 E1b-M84AS
AB-144 E1b-M81?-M1 E1b-M81A
AB-145 R1b-L11?-1923701 R1b-EuropeA
AB-147 R1b-DF27-BY161481--400 R1b-DF27A
AB-149 R1b-Z2103-M121351 R1b-Z2103ASI
AB-153 J2b-L283-Z396531- J2bA
AB-156 E1b-V13-529381 E1b-V13A
AB-157 E1b-V13-858301 E1b-V13A
AB-160 E1b-Z841-BY558952512-1630below E1b-Z841A
AB-161 T-P77-Y31474-BY399671 TA
AB-170 J2a-L70-Z21771below J2aA
AB-174 R1a-Z93?-4247261 R1a-Z93A
AB-178 R1b-U152-A798221144-1853below R1b-EuropeA
AB-183 T-1574471 TA
AB-185 E1b-V13-4454671 E1b-V13A
AB-188 E1b-M81?-G1 E1b-M81A
AB-189 E1b-M81-MZ1431below E1b-M81A
AB-192 E1b-M84?-905304296-1272 E1b-M84A
AB-193 E1b-V13?-4536761 E1b-V13A
AB-195 E1b-V65-N192761 E1b-M81A
AB-214 R2a-F1092?-K1AB-085? R2aA
AB-224 E1b-M84-FGC18401-L3886-1674AB-191? E1b-M84A
AB-239 J2a-L26-Z439861below J2aASI
AB-269 R1b-M269-M1 R1b-oldA
AB-270 R1b-M269?-T1 R1b-oldA
AB-271 J1-ZS227-G1AB-022? J1-ZS227A
AB-277 J1-ZS227-Y1469011AB-022? J1-ZS227A
AB-278 J1-YSC76-FGC82232472-1615below J1-YSC76A
AB-279 J1-ZS227-A1AB-022? J1-ZS227A
AB-281 E1b-V13?-P1 E1b-V13A
AB-282 E1b-M84-FGC18401-G1AB-191? E1b-M84A
AB-286 E1b-V13?-G1AB-011? E1b-V13A
AB-290 I2-K1 I2A
AB-293 J1-ZS227?-H1AB-022? J1-ZS227A
AB-303 R1b-Z2103?-N1 R1b-Z2103A
AB-305 R1b-P312?-S1 R1b-EuropeA
AB-324 R1a-Z93?-M1 R1a-Z93A
AB-325 R1a-Z93?-A1 R1a-Z93A
AB-326 R1a-Z283?-G1 R1a-Z283A
AB-327 R1a-Z283-N1 R1a-Z283A
AB-328 R1a-Z283?-S1 R1a-Z283A
AB-344 J1-FGC11-FGC16952346-1556below J1-otherA
AB-360 R1a-Z283?-Mar1 R1a-Z283A
AB-366 R1a-Z93?-Ku1AB-068? R1a-Z93A
AB-369 E1b-M84?-S1AB-113? E1b-M84A
AB-375 G-U1?-A1 GA
AB-377 E1b-Z841?-A1 E1b-Z841A
AB-378 E1b-V13-Z171071below E1b-V13A
AB-382 E1b-M84?-R1 E1b-M84A
AB-390 J2b-L283-Z84291AB-153? J2bA
AB-420 R1a-Z93?-S1 R1a-Z93A
AB-425 R1b-P312?-G1 R1b-EuropeA
AB-482 T-L208-Y225591below TA
AB-492 E1b-M81?-W1 E1b-M81A
AB-510 R1b-P312?-K1 R1b-EuropeA
AB-537 E1b-M84-BY369751below E1b-M84A
AB-557 R1b-P312?-D1 R1b-EuropeA
AB-588 J1-Z18297?-G1AB-036? J1-Z18297A
AB-613 R1a-Z283-YP59501 R1a-Z283A
AB-627 N-L10271below NA

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