Jewish group of branches: J2a


The Jewish branches can be grouped according to their Y-DNA characteristics. These characteristics are often related to a period between 10000ybp-4000ybp. Some branches had a founding father effect in that period outside the Middle East which gives information on the location of their ancestor at the time of the founding father. For other branches it is more likely that the ancestors were in the Middle East, where, in most cases, no founding father effect took place and population growth was continuous. An overview of the Jewish groups of branches is present.


The J2a lines are mostly long narrow lines. The two L70 are part of L25. These branches are present in the region from Saudi Arabia to North Middle East to the Mediterranean. The M92 have very low percentages in Arabian countries, but larger in the north of the Middle East. M319 is an old line in the Middle East.

The largest amount of information on J2 is found on J2-M172 Haplogroup Research.
A tree with time estimates is found on yfull.
The groups below are grouped in older branches (the indicated times are the best estimated branchsplits according to yfull):

Branches in this group

Branch # Y-DNA SNP# of
CE of ancestormost likely
quality of
AB-040 J2a-M92-L556171874-1014450-1150* J2aA
AB-041 J2a-M92-SK13445885-1544 - J2aAS
AB-042 J2a-M92-2nd21143-1854 - J2aA
AB-043 J2a-M92-Z515151185-1527 - J2aA
AB-044 J2a-L210-Y1522289814-102150-950** J2aA
AB-045 J2a-L70-PF545635689-10150-1100- J2aA
AB-046 J2a-L70-P244.2161052-1422 * J2aA
AB-047 J2a-L25-FGC3051013957-1388 - J2aA
AB-048 J2a-L25-L25434849-1151 - J2aA
AB-049 J2a-L25-L24317511-1000 - J2aA
AB-050 J2a-M410-Z604640601-9210-1200- J2aAI
AB-114 J2a-M319?-1341836473-1245 - J2aASI
AB-115 J2a-L26-2041561 - J2aA
AB-116 J2a-L26-Y118604295-1272 - J2aA
AB-131 J2a-M319-N878304-1273-298 - J2aS
AB-137 J2a-L25-FGC99611 - J2aS
AB-168 J2a-M92-3781341 - J2a
AB-169 J2a-L70?-1300011 - J2aA
AB-170 J2a-L70-192751 - J2aA
AB-171 J2a-M319?-1605071 - J2aS
AB-205 J2a-L210?-848091 * J2aS
AB-206 J2a-L210?-705131 * J2aS
AB-207 J2a-L26-1013471 * J2aS
AB-209 J2a-L26-1763331 * J2aS
AB-211 J2a-4101411 * J2aS
AB-218 J2a-2534971 * J2aS
AB-219 J2a-SK1344-BY225063165-1306 * J2aSI
AB-238 J2a-Co1 - J2aS
AB-239 J2a-Le1 - J2aS
AB-240 J2a-Mez1 - J2aS
AB-253 J2a-L26?-M1 * J2aS
AB-257 J2a-L25?-A1 * J2aS
AB-258 J2a-dM1 * J2aS
AB-259 J2a-B1 * J2aS
AB-295 J2a-C1 * J2aS
AB-296 J2a-M1 * J2aS
AB-297 J2a-M92?-T1 * J2aS
AB-298 J2a-L26?-Ch1 * J2aS
AB-300 J2a-L25?-K1 * J2aS
AB-310 J2a-L26-PF51691 * J2aG
AB-320 J2a-Ca1 * J2aS
AB-323 J2a-M1 * J2aS
AB-330 J2a-L26-Y112001 * J2aG
AB-334 J2a-Sa1 * J2aG
AB-346 J2a-Su1 * J2aS
AB-350 J2a-M92?-S1 * J2aS
AB-352 J2a-M92?-Ka1 - J2aS
AB-353 J2a-L26?-J1 * J2aS
AB-354 J2a-Hu1 * J2aS
AB-355 J2b-L283?-Go1 * J2aS
AB-379 J2a-O1 - J2aS
AB-386 J2a-P1 - J2aC
AB-401 J2a-L70-PF5456-M1 - J2aS
AB-402 J2a-dS1 - J2aS
AB-403 J2a-B1 - J2aS
AB-410 J2a-L25?-H1 * J2aC
AB-418 J2a-L26?-P1 * J2aC
AB-421 J2a-L10641 * J2aM
AB-426 J2a-C1 * J2aS
AB-427 J2a-M1 * J2aC
AB-431 J2a-M92?-Y1 * J2aS
AB-436 J2a-L26-M471 * J2aS
AB-437 J2a-M1 * J2aS
AB-440 J2a-I1 * J2aC
AB-453 J2-M319-D1 * J2aM
AB-455 J2a-M410-PF50561 * J2aS
AB-458 J2a-M92-FGC630451 * J2aS
AB-459 J2a-L26?-M1 * J2aS
AB-463 J2a-L26?-Z1 - J2aS
AB-467 J2a-L1 - J2a
AB-470 J2a-H1 - J2aM
AB-475 J2a-PS1 - J2a
AB-480 J2a-C1 - J2aS
AB-502 J2a-M92-U1 - J2aS
AB-503 J2a-O21 - J2a
AB-504 J2a-Le21 - J2aA
AB-505 J2a-T1 - J2aS
AB-506 J2a-L70?-B1 - J2aM
AB-507 J2a-A1 - J2a

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