Jewish group of branches: J1-other


The Jewish branches can be grouped according to their Y-DNA characteristics. These characteristics are often related to a period between 10000ybp-4000ybp. Some branches had a founding father effect in that period outside the Middle East which gives information on the location of their ancestor at the time of the founding father. For other branches it is more likely that the ancestors were in the Middle East, where, in most cases, no founding father effect took place and population growth was continuous. An overview of the Jewish groups of branches is present.


FGC11 is a parallel branch of YSC76 (who remained in Mesopotamia) that went south to Arabia with many descending branches. A similar split in two branches is also found in E1b-V12.

Z640 is also a parallel branch to YSC76 and FGC11, with many descendant branches in the Middle East. Two Jewish descendants passed Iberia before settling in the Ashkenazi countries, leaving Iberia as Sephardic, or changing religion as a converso.

The PF7263 branches have descendants in the Middle East; PF7263 started long before the start of Judaism.

The L817 branch have descendants in the Middle East; L817 started long before the start of Judaism.

The P58 marker is a very old. The closest relatives (in GD) are from the Middle East. These two persons have only STR-measurements, so a good position in the phylogenetic tree is not available.

Branches in this group

Branch # Y-DNA SNP# of
CE of ancestormost likely
quality of
AB-033 J1-L817-L81678776-992450-1200 J1-otherASIR
AB-034 J1-Z640-FGC5206241156-144350-1625 J1-otherAI
AB-037 J1-FGC11-ZS210291018-1498 J1-otherA
AB-038 J1-PF7263-b3357-1415AB-039? J1-otherA
AB-039 J1-PF7263-a7577-1267 J1-otherA
AB-113 J1-Z640-2nd2960-1798450-1500 J1-otherS
AB-142 J1-FGC11-S1 J1-otherM
AB-180 J1-PF48321 J1-otherS
AB-199 J1-2562731 J1-otherM
AB-226 J1-FGC11-FGC37081 J1-otherM
AB-241 J1-Z28181 J1-otherS
AB-254 J1-F1 J1-otherS
AB-255 J1-ZS2518?-N1 J1-otherS
AB-294 J1-G1 J1-otherS
AB-321 J1-ZS2518-Ca1AB-255? J1-otherS
AB-331 J1-Z640-3rd1 J1-otherSI
AB-344 J1-FGC16952346-1556 J1-otherA
AB-345 J1-L829?-M3-107-1162 J1-otherSI
AB-370 J1-M1 J1-otherM
AB-374 J1-C1 J1-otherS
AB-385 J1-H1 J1-otherS
AB-394 J1-L1 J1-otherM
AB-407 J1-ZS2518?-L1AB-255? J1-otherR
AB-408 J1-N1 J1-otherR
AB-434 J1-FGC11-A1 J1-otherC
AB-479 J1-A1 J1-other
AB-501 J1-S1 J1-otherM

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